Friday, May 13, 2011

Water-Light-Music Show - Planten un Blomen, Hamburg

Friday evening, after climbing to the top of the "Michel," St. Michael's Church, and eating at the Hofbrauhaus with its live Bavarian folk music, we walked to Planten un Blomen, one of Hamburg's larger parks. Located near the Alster, it contains a Japanese garden, two lakes, and nice walking and bike paths. Since it stays light until late in the evening, we could see the flowers when we walked through at 9:30 p.m.

At one of the lakes, we watched a lovely colored water and light show set to live music performed by a water organ and euphonium. We heard The Moldau (Arr. Héctor Gonzáles-Pino/Tanja Naini) performance. The event was free and the music changes every two weeks. If we lived here, I would be a junkie, er, regular.

These are two of the better pictures. See more (fuzzier) pictures.

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