Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nyon, Switzerland - Ancient ruins nestled next to Lac Leman

Nyon Switzerland - May 15-20, 2011.

A town originally settled by the Roman Empire between 80-20 A.D. Some fortification walls, columns, pieces of a broken frieze, pottery, and the ruined foundation of an amphitheater remain. Many other medieval buildings remain and are being used for homes, businesses, and museums.

The Chateau is certainly the most unique roof line in the town. The castle is built on the foundations of an anterior fortress dating from the 11th century and was modified by its occupants -- the Archbishop of Besancan, Lords of Prangins, Counts of Savoy, and the Bernese -- over several centuries.

The ruins and remnants of bygone times were striking, but my favorite part of Nyon were the gardens and fountains. Fountains were tucked into retaining walls along sidewalks, in every plaza. The oldest fountain in town dates from 1761. While we were here the public gardens made their transition from spring to summer. I watched them being replanted from our hotel balcony one day. My favorite pairing -- the bright poppy blossoms against the steely blue of Lake Geneva.
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